Sometimes at the start of the course we discuss the question: Do men have a stronger sex drive than women?

  1. Here is very readable and excellent chapter on the topic.

Sometimes we have discuss the question: Is rape about power & violence or is it about sex?  Here are some readings to help inform you

  1. An article from Craig Palmer at ASU.  He identifies 12 reasons that have been given as evidence that rape is about power and then attempts to dispute them one by one. 2.5 mb
  2. A great chapter written by Baumeister (one of my fav writers) called Sex by Force.  I recommend this one.
  3. An excerpt from a book written by Alcock.  The book is called "The triumph of sociobiology" and I've called the excerpt "Men and Women".  This author writes from an evolutionary/biological  perspective.   This is a good read.
  4. An except from a book called "The Blank Slate" by Steven Pincker.  This is another good read.