Chapter 12 Social


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                  mentioned in class and 2) Cognitive Dissonance.

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Click Here: The murdered of Kitty Genovese dies in prison as reported by NY Times on April 6, 2016.

Click the pic for a real short video showing the "phone study" for the phenomenon of "diffusion of responsibility".  If you think you are on the phone alone with another person who needs help, you are more likely to get up to help than if you thought there were others that heard the same man asking for help.

Click the pic for a short video on Zimbardo's famous Prison Study.  He randomly assigned students to be either prisons or guards in order to study how "social roles" affect us.

Click the pic to see a short video on how attractive women get help from strangers more quickly than "less attractive" women.    You will also see how tall men are more prized by women than shorter men.

Click the pic to see a demonstration of a study whereby people were randomly assigned to either a working or not working flight simulator.  If they thought it was working, their eyesight was much better than if they believed it was not fully functional.  The situation affected their eyesight.

Click the pic to see a demonstration that shows the power of the group to lead you to sit in a smoke filled room.  If you are along in the room, you quickly get up and leave.

Click the pic to see  a demonstration of Soloman Ash's famous study on conformity.  If you were the last one to give a judgment on line length and everyone before you gave the wrong answer, what would you do?

Click the pic to see a 6 min video on Milgram's famous study using his "shock box".

Click the pic for a short video from History Channel on Milgram's shock box study.

Click the pic at the left to watch a short streaming video clip about Kitty Genovese and the bystander effect.