Chapter 1




Optional Material

  • Here is an article from NY Times describing a number of cognitive biases we have, including the Hindsight Bias and Confirmation Bias (from chapter 2)

  • Click Here for be taken to a NY Times article that provides a simple problem to solve. They say it is an example of the confirmation bias (chapter 2)

  • Click Here for a chapter on Social Exchange Theory


  • Pages from a different text that explains 5 of the perspectives in greater detail.

  • Click Here for an article on the many types of mental health professions.
  • Click Here for an article on the history of the vibrator
  • Click Here for an article on "sexual economics" it explains social exchange theory well.


Required Materials
For spring 2020 the study guide and practice test are all for chapters 1-2  combined.
Below is the 1 handout for chapter 1.  Go to chapter 2 page for 2 handouts for chapter 2.



Optional Material

Click Here for a streamed video on the history of the Vibrator. 3:30

Click Here for an article on how male monkeys groom the females in exchange for sex.  And how the amount of time they spend doing that varies with the sex ratio (how many other females are around)

Click the the top left pic below to see a 30:00 episode of Penn & Teller talking about Alternative Medicine and how unscientific it can be.

 Click Here for a one page article that tells us that Illinois has become the 3rd state to grant psychologists the right to prescribe certain psychotropic medications.