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Below are grade records for chapter 6.  Group 3 won the practice quiz and received 1 extra question credit.  Group 4 won the highest quiz mean and received 1 extra question credit.  In regards to the extra 5 question quiz you took, you can see your number correct in the bottom table under the heading "ch6xquiz".  Remember we said we wanted at least 8 students to get 2 extra question credits. Turns out no one got 5 or 4 correct.  7 scored 3 correct but that was less than 8 so we had to go down to 2 correct -- and there were 11 students who scored at least 2 out of 5.  So those 11 students received 2 questions extra credit.

As can also be seen, the median was 75. 3 students scored a perfect 100. about 1/3 of the class scored an A.

In the bottom table you can see your individual scores.


Next Week is Chapter 8 -- Memory